July 19, 2017


Creativity, knowledge, experimentation of details and contrasts. ALBIATE 1830, an Albini Group brand, explores unpublished pathways in the world of lightweight fabrics, an approach where the deep Italian know-how goes together with a unique spirit of innovation, for a style that reveals unexpected fashion scenarios.

“Italian Textile Explorers” is the formula chosen to explain the many-sided essence of ALBIATE 1830, an expression of the exclusive research in the universe of lightweight fabrics that has seen the brand invent and create concepts in more than 1000 variants per season. These become the extraordinary starting points for identifying ever-new stylistic coordinates, in an unexpected dialogue between fabrics and treatments, quality bases and transformations.
This innovation of ALBIATE 1830 becomes the ideal ingredient for shirts and blouses, but also for endless other applications including jackets, waistcoats, women’s dresses and – in general – for all the garments and styles that require an iconic, on-trend fabric that is memorable.

The key to ALBIATE 1830 is in the multiplicity, the spark that moves the “Italian Textile Explorers” to the discovery of uncontaminated destinations for casualwear, yet never losing sight of the roots of their history. A personality that also guides the service that ALBIATE 1830 has always made available to its Customers: continuous innovation and traceability, also of the greige yarns, together with the creation of exclusive fabrics, the creation of made to measure sampling and experimentation in close collaboration with stylists and designers, these are the distinctive features of the attitude that shapes the excellence of the brand.