February 16, 2016

Albini Group, Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Albini Group, leading manufacturer of high-end shirt fabrics, presents at Milano Unica the new collections designed for its various brands: Cotonificio Albini, Albini,donna, Thomas Mason, David & John Anderson and Albiate 1830. Sophisticated fabrics, masculine and feminine bases and designs that will inspire specialised shirt makers, tailors and designer labels for Spring/Summer 2017.

Cotonificio Albini, movement and lightness

In the Cotonificio Albini Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the bases, even the most traditional ones, are dressed in motion to create fabrics for lightweight shirts, unusual and contemporary.

Whites and neutrals, pastel colours on plain or mélange bases, blue on blue declined in many shades, primary and military colours, ethno-folk tones of spices, bold and sport colours and the black and white optical. These are the eight colour themes identified by the design team, declined in four different moods – Classic, Informalist, Urban and Sport – to create a modern and contemporary collection, that enhances the fabrics and the quality of Made in Italy. To these themes is added the Linen, one of the favourite raw materials of the collection, that spans all themes and styles.

Classic – The classic shirt reinterpreted with a sartorial taste, refined and contemporary never ordinary. Mélange yarns range from more traditional colours to new and fresh pastel tones. Fabrics of excellence to create the classic shirt, to which is added for the first time also the mélange. Absolute innovative is the Poplin Fresh, a fabric with an extra-light handle. Thanks to the total control of the supply chain, Cotonificio Albini continues to innovate in raw materials, yarns, fabrics and in finishing.

InformalistKnitted fabrics in blue and light blue, small effects give movement to the surfaces. Neutrals and shades of blue as a background and primary colours define small and clean designs. Different interpretations of the stripes: structured, regimental and folk.

Colour and eccentricity. The perfect fabrics for a casual shirt, in primary tones – red, yellow and navy – paired with green and blue. Stripes and small patterns define a dynamic and sophisticated style.

UrbanA refined and an elegant metropolitan environment, urban landscapes serve as a background for rigorous designs. “There is beauty in simplicity”. It’s the metropolitan grey in all its variations, for fabrics inspired by architecture and design, ideal for the creation of a modern and elegant shirt.

Sport – Designs are revisited in mélange colours using variations of neutral and military tones. Prints with a vague retro taste represented in bold and dense colours create interesting contrasts. The world of flora and fauna is illuminated  with bright colours thanks to the digital print. Insertions of bouclé and chenille yarns underline the three-dimensionality of the structures.

Cuban inspiration. Fabrics with an ethno-folk taste developed in military tones. Digital prints of flowers and animals are a clear recall to the world of nature, with all over designs dedicated to the botanical world.

Linen – The shades of blue recall distant summers gone by and an ethnic touch is given by madras in vibrant colours. Bright plains and fancies, important stripes also in bayadère version. Linen confirms itself as one of the protagonists of the summer collection, used both pure and in cotton blends, also in the délavé version. Spice tones remind the colourful atmosphere of Marrakech.

Albini,donna: fabrics for shirts with a strong personality

A complete collection, rich in content, diverse, that approaches the female fashion world through classical bases reinterpreted and enriched by plays of structures. Fabrics with a classic and rigorous elegance intersecting with those of a more contemporary femininity. The collection consists of a series of colour themes, declined on iconic textures, dressed in a new creativity: whites and blues in lightness – for the shirt made with precious Giza 87 fabric, that should not be missing in the wardrobe of every woman – navy stripes, white and black, colourful stripes, the natural tones of linen.

The Spring/Summer Albini,donna 2017 collection consists of three themes:

Whites and plains (yarn dyed or piece dyed) in pastel colours with a summer soul, in light blue and blue. Yarn dyed fabrics, both fixed and stretch, find their highest expression in pure white and in light blue. Great return of the shirt in yarn dyed fabric in the female wardrobe that becomes the new basic.

Patterned yarn dyed fabrics The stripes are seen as the protagonists, interpreted on stretch fabrics in tenuous tones with the addition of a navy concept that enhances the two-tone stripes of every size, in white/blue, white/red and white/light blue. The ironic and sophisticated woman will chose multicoloured stripes developed on cotton muslin, where white and blue are combined with a touch of yellow or declined in bright colours on a blue base with touches of orange, yellow and red.

Checks are not missing: macro ones on a very light muslin in dark and elegant Indian red tones, in green, purple, pink and brown.

The classic elegance of designs with a masculine taste is recalled and re-interpreted in a feminine key through bouclé fabrics and neps yarns that give three-dimensionality. Summer is celebrated with the theme of fringes, for a refined hippie concept of 70s and with sophisticated stripes developed on linen, in which white and blue are matched also with brown.

Prints, multicolour or monocolour, micro or macro, are developed on both ultra-light and heavier bases, also suitable for the production of clothing. Geometries and graphics are developed in white and blue, for patterns ranging from stripes to sophisticated polka dots.

Thomas Mason: a universe of stripes, linen and prints

The elegance of linen. Thomas Mason collection for Spring/Summer 2017 develops new bases, and linen is the great protagonist – both in 100% and in intimate cotton blend – to give life to classic, extremely elegant and precious fabrics. The leitmotiv of the collection is the fineness, for a collection made of fabrics to touch, with a soft and pleasing hand. High class stripes, defined and rigorous, with a strong personality, derived in all their variations.

A good innovation of the collection are printed fabrics: for the first time in the Thomas Mason collection floral prints declined on two-fold cotton fabrics with particular and modern combinations of colours.

Collection within the collection is a small capsule of fabrics treated with a water repellent finishing, perfect to create chic and refined swimwear.

Four themes come across in the collection, to enhance textures and colours:

Classic – Researched  yarns, classic colours  in white and blue. The natural elegance of the tailored shirt. The tradition of Savile Row combined with avant-garde know-how and excellent raw materials for a shirt of value, an absolute must-have.

The nobleness of blue combined with the Savile Row tradition. Plain colours and sophisticated fancies for haute de gamme classics reinterpreted with innovative and researched fabrics.

Colonial – Muted colours, khaki, light blue, air force blue and grey give a casual touch. The fibres enhance the bases to the maximum to create a luxurious fabric. Light touch with a full body for a comfortable elegance, informal and refined.

A sporty shirt with a double soul: casual in the colours and luxurious and modern at the same time for the quality of the fibres. The sporty colours – neutrals, greys, air force blue, khaki – are studied on lightweight bases in a linen blend or on heavier bases, that transform the shirt fabric into an ideal base for the creation of over shirts and bush jackets, very modern and trendy.

Multicolour – Clearly inspired by the 60’s, resulting in the mix of prints and bright colours.  The bases accentuate the stripes that are presented in unusual combinations, for an original look, never ordinary.

When colour is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and taste. Refined fabrics but informal at the same time, developed in stripes and checks for an eccentric and fanciful taste. Turquoise and pink are wisely paired with military green.

White & Navy – Special blends on new bases, white and blue in all combinations. For a shirt suitable for any occasion, from the most formal and dressy to the more sporty and casual.

A perfect white, an intense blue, used in plains or in contrasting fancies to create fabrics for a relaxed, informal and refined elegance, for a shirt that becomes a real ‘passe-partout’.


David & John Anderson: maximum perfection in shirting fabrics

The ultimate perfection in fabric for shirts. The most famous British brand of shirting fabrics, acquired by Albini Group in 1992, is the interpreter of haute de gamme of Albini Group: fabrics made with superfine yarns, made from the finest cotton in the world.

The outstanding know-how of David & John Anderson manages to transform the finest cotton yarn into fabrics, soft and silky to the touch, studying the right rhythm between thread and loom, modulating the speed to be able to weave the finest yarns in Giza 45.

Golden Jubilee 330/4, Millennium Star 330/3, Great Mogul 300/3, Cullinan 300/2 and Sancy 240/3. The five brightest diamonds in the world give their name to “The Diamonds” by David & John Anderson, the most valuable collection of cotton fabrics ever realized.


Albiate 1830: researched casual, innovative denim… dreaming Miami

Albiate 1830 – , the brand renowned internationally for its authority in sport and denim shirting fabrics, presents for the Spring/Summer 2017 a collection derived in three macro themes: Denim, Jacquard and Sport, which reflect the colour and spirit of Miami.

Denim: The Spring/Summer 2017 collection presents a large development of fabrics for outerwear. Prints inspired by the world of ties or the floral universe – made with cylinder or corrosion technique – developed on linen, chambray or jersey bases. Important is also the development of new plain bases using yarns in cotton and linen blends and délavé linen.

Absolute innovative is a line of fabrics in Japanese denim, recognized as one of the best for research and tradition. Japanese denim is woven on traditional shuttle looms, operating at reduced speed which produce an irregular but extremely sophisticated and sought-after fabric.

Real distinctive feature of Japanese denim is the selvedge, the side part of the fabric that prevents the unraveling and gives the final garment a unique aspect.

Japanese denim is a mix of great craftsmanship, extreme attention to detail, high quality and pure originality. Albiate 1830 has selected some exclusive variants of selvedge denim made in Japan to enrich and complete its proposal and offer unique and avant-garde fabrics, characterised by research and tradition.

Jacquard is developed in three themes: Classic – comprising fabrics in linen and cotton intimate blends developed with large florals and leaves designs in light blue and red – Preppy – in which the colour is derived in fil coupé on stripes and multicolour checks – and Vintage – consisting of fabrics in natural colours, beige and neutrals, with pastel blue and white on white.

Sport is characterised by the prints with a retro taste developed mainly on two quality bases: 100% linen and chambray in the tones of white & navy and white & light blue combined with brown and military green.

Fabrics in lightweight linen and cotton blends with checks and stripes. The colours? Predominantly  light blue and military green with brown and green. Also to underline the theme of marine blues and red, thanks to micro-dobbies and white and light blue neps yarn.

Tencel yarn reinterprets the tartan in its classical colouring, blue, red, green, cut through with yellow and white.