February 2, 2017


Albini Group, leading manufacturer of fabrics for high-end shirts, presents at Milano Unica the new collections designed for its various brands: Albini, Albini Donna, Thomas Mason and Albiate 1830. All fabrics are created from excellent raw materials through research, expertise and creativity and inspire specialised shirt makers, tailors and designer labels for Spring-Summer 2018.

Albini, excellent fabrics for shirts perfect for any occasion

The Spring-Summer 2018 collection of Albini starts from the deep research of the designers of the brand into yarns, to arrive with fabrics ideal to create shirts that range from classic to refined casual, which never lacks a touch of originality.
Formal, Contemporary, Leisure. Continuing the development of three major themes for a modern and contemporary collection, which highlight to the maximum the quality of Made in Italy. The colour palette crosses through the colours of the classic shirts like white, blue and navy, to which this season is added an original and sophisticated touch of pink.

The Formal fabrics are divided into five macro-families:
Elegant, that is the world of the classic revisited and updated. Micro jacquard, fil-coupè and mouliné are highlighted with colours both muted and mélange shades, which increasingly enter fully into the classic and elegant shirts.
Blue stripes, stripes to the maximum potential. The different bases such as muslin, chambray and seersucker are highlighted by stripes of every style, from those made with chenille with an effect almost three-dimensional, to the stripes with bouclé yarns, to those in elegant satin and printed stripe effects.
Holidays, is the chic shirt to wear on vacation or in the leisure time, in linen or linen blend, fresh, light, unstructured, comfortable. The colonial colours and tones of sand blend with the pink and blue, with touches of burnt tones and burgundy. Structure plays with linen and cotton to create special effects, thanks also to the yarns in linen mouliné.
Colours, colour enters in an important way in the world of Formal fabrics, to white, blue and the inevitable pink are added yellow, green and red, declined on lightweight linen or muslin stretch fabrics. Also the oxford is presented in its finer version and is enriched with mouliné yarn. Chic also the knitted fabrics, which report classic shirt patterning yet interpreted innovatively on the jersey fabric.
Print, is the more formal soul of the printed fabrics. Small fancy patterning, like penguins, flamingos, toucans and swallows combine the inspiration of micro-pyjama inspired designs on quality bases of Piumino or Piquet.

The Contemporary fabrics are ideal for creating modern shirts, made with excellent raw materials and with great attention to detail, and these are embellished with special yarns, the result of great technical and design research.
Transversing the collection are the Natural Comfort fabrics, made with precious and exclusively natural raw materials like cotton and linen, but also Tencel. Thanks to an innovative treatment that gives the fabric natural elasticity, without the use of synthetic components, the result is a breathable fabric, with an elegant aspect and bright colors, with a soft and pleasant handle. Even after many washes, the feeling of wearing a comfortable natural fabric with a natural soul remains unchanged.

The theme developed for Contemporary tissues is the Urban Design – for urban shirts for everyday wear or for more casual clothes. The colour palette runs through the classic colors of blue and white and black in addition to the colonial colours, the military and the tones of spices. The great research has led to the use of bouclé and chenille yarns, embroidery and micro machining, leno effects and special finishes with crinkled aspect and pleats. The checks with blurred effect have an accent a little retro and vintage.

Many are the inspirations from the world of Leisure. Muslins with hazy checks, ethnic and military-inspired patterns, embroidery, macro prints of florals and inspiration from the world of painting through all-round a wide selection of fabrics designed for relaxed looking shirts that are perfect for leisure-time. The theme of French Riviera alternates stripes and prints, not only in the iconic red, white and blue but also more daring with brighter and sunshine colours. The extremely wide range of fabrics in linen, for shirts to wear on the road freely. Go ahead to natural and colonial colours, from neutral to navy and blue developed with mouliné yarns. Prints of white on white, àjour-leno techniques and the use of chenille yarns make these fabrics sporty but sophisticated at the same time. Also the part of prints on linen is intense and colourful and approaches perfectly the Madras and multicolour stripes.

Within the collection, for the first time Albini has two exclusive treatments to propose for garment dyeing– Vintage and Shade – designed exclusively by Albini’s technical team, which provide the manner of adding colour to ready made garments, simulating the natural ageing and guaranteeing the quality of the brand. The Vintage treatment is ideal on darker, more intense colours, and thanks to the resins is obtained the desired effect of wear and ageing. The result is a living, three-dimensional effect with great personality. The Shade treatment, however, is ideal on light colours and provides that the colour is fixed in the most external and thicker parts of the garment and, leaving the more smooth parts of a lighter colour, for a dyeing that is not homogenous but very pleasant. Each piece takes as well its own particular nuances that make it unique and different.


Albini, donna: inspiration from the archive for femminine & contemporary fabrics

The fabric archives of Albini from the Fifties and Sixties – guarded carefully in the company – have inspired the design team of Albini, Donna to give life to a collection of modern and contemporary fabrics, having a strong retro charm.
A collection complete and rich in content, which develops quality bases and processing perfectly for creating shirts and clothing adapted for every occasion. The colour palette is summery and hyper-feminine and goes from white to blush up to rose and natural colours, to arrive with grey, light blue, navy and black.
A journey through time, starting from a reinterpretation of Granny’s Heritage, namely kits of another era and shirts that still may be found stored in the trunk of a chic and sophisticated grandmother. Lightweight fabrics, characterised by small structures made of a thicker thread, which creates small àjour effects inspired by the ‘leno’ technique, declined in white and blue and delicate floral patterns, made with the jacquard technique.

Among the innovations this season, are ‘stuffed’ looking fabrics in relief, called Puffy, designed to highlight the structures, developed in two versions:
– one ideal for creating fresh and femminine summer shirts declined in delicate colours like blue, pink, yellow and the inevitable white. Among the proposals is notably a special fabric that creates an original effect of three-dimensional polka dots;
– the other one is structured, heavier fabrics from the soul, perfect to achieve summer dresses and with a distinct femininity, whether in plain colours or striped in white and summer colours, blue and navy. No shortage of fabrics illuminated by lurex threads, which make them perfect for garments worn both day and night.

A protagonist of Albini, Donna collection for Spring Summer 2018 women is also the ‘Handkerchiefs’ theme. Perhaps not everyone knows that… Albini in the Sixties also produced fabrics for classic handkerchiefs. Just these patterns found in the archives of the company, have been reinterpreted in a modern way to create original designs of check or fabrics with patterning placed on fresh bases linen blend, even with some inserts of lurex.

The inevitable white fabrics are developed in the collection through multiple quality bases and structures ranging from lightweight voile and muslin up to the traditional poplin and oxford, perfect for creating fresh and feminine dresses. Not to be missed the white precious Egyptian cotton Giza 87, the Journey fabrics (those perfect to take on journeys because they resist creasing and do not need ironing ) and the Natural Comfort (that is stretch fabrics in 100% cotton). Always a protagonist of the summer season are the linen fabrics, fresh, breathable and elegant. Through the use of cutting edge technologies, the collection also includes unconventional white fabrics, with aspects of handmade paper or talc.


Thomas Mason: fabrics are dressed in eccentric elegance from British inspiration

The Thomas Mason collection for Spring/Summer 2018 is inspired by the brand’s DNA: stripes, colour and elegance with a touch of refined eccentricity. A collection that is in continuous evolution, attentive to the needs of a market that is always looking for innovation and quality; for a range of fabrics that changes and evolves with the seasons.
Rigorous and at the same time creative and colourful: the stripes of Thomas Mason fabrics do not hide their strong Britishness and are ideal for perfect and elegant shirts. The palette has been laid out mainly in pure, primary colours, bright and full of personality, with small hints of mélange.
The designs of the classic stripes are the symbol of a tailored shirt of innate elegance inspired by the tradition of Jermyn Street, which combined with a cutting-edge know-how and excellent raw materials are the perfect ingredients for a high-value shirt.

The bases are precious and sophisticated – in great predominance created with double twisted yarns such as 80/2, 100/2, 120/2, 140/2 – which highlight to the maximum the colours, for a pleasureable shirt to wear that becomes more and more beautiful with every wash. The shirts of Thomas Mason, in fact, are destined to have a long life, perfect to be handed down from father to son.

The collection is developed around two main themes:
Traditional, or the typical shirt to be worn under a jacket, which includes colour combinations ranging from the most classic combinations of blue and colour and typically English, until stripes with stronger colours and those purely summer. To these are added fabrics in linens and mixed linen & cotton, designed and coloured in a more soft and delicate way;
Casual, fabrics characterised by more pronounced designing and quite showy, such as medium and small multicolour patterns and classic tartans recoloured with new combinations, even in mélange version. Here too are the stripes, clear and sharp, even in pyjamas version, both on cotton bases and mixed cotton and linen. Very on trend is the theme of the knitted shirt for a casual and stylish look at the same time.

Thomas Mason has found his signature style even with regard to printed fabrics, with patterns that characterise perfectly his fabrics, such as micro florals and printed stripes.


Prints, sport and denim: the three souls of Albiate 1830

Albiate 1830, the brand recognised Internationally for its authority in fabrics for sport shirts and denim, presents for Spring/Summer 2018 a collection characterised by research and innovation, cutting-edge proposals in terms of style, trend and materials.
The soul of the brand has always been for the denim, sport and jacquard, which in recent seasons has joined the prints, increasingly the protagonists.

1. PRINT – the world of the printed fabrics represents an important part of Albiate 1830 collection and is offered in five different themes:
Hawaii – pop & preppy pattern in fluorescent colours on natural and sophisticated bases. Straight ahead for the theme of lips inspired by Andy Warhol, watermelons, lemons, pineapples and fireworks for very cool and unconventional shirts;
Hawaii Vintage – a retro taste of the Seventies years back, hippie chic atmospheres that are rediscovered on pure linen fabrics in hyper sophisticated colours. Macro flowers of different shapes are tinted in blue, with touches of grey and burgundy;
Military – the camouflage is increasingly sought after on piece-dyed fabrics and the prints of refined vegetation or military stars is developed in the typical green, beige and brown;
Hawaii Vintage Indigo – palm trees, surfers, florals and starry skies cover muslin denim fabrics for casual shirts dedicated to alternative types;
Japan – refined Japanese-inspired prints such as peach blossoms and cherry and oriental graphic, dressing fabrics in 100% indigo linen.

2. SPORT – the universe of fabrics for sports shirts is always the protagonist of Albiate collections, which for Spring/Summer 2018 crosses through a series of inspirations:
Panama Oxford, or the classic Albiate fabric that is dressed in tartan and macro-check declined in marine colours: red and blue;
American Oxford, for deconstructed and oversized shirts from the American taste, especially to wear over t-shirts;
Madras, fabrics in medium/macro checks in cotton slub in which the tones of blue intersect red, green, yellow and pink. Sophisticated colours -natural, airforce blue, grey – complete this theme;
Madras Preppy, the bright and preppy colours dress cotton and fading colour linen, for a perfect sport shirt to wear with espadrilles;
Safari, linen and slub yarns play with tartans, checks and stripes in bright colours on white or ecru;
Mélange, the colours of the sky at sunset in Los Angeles tinged with their nuances in mélange cotton fabrics, where the greys and browns are combined harmoniously with pink and airforce blue;
Urban, the city shirt created from Tencel yarns in rigorous pinstripe patterns moved by small dobbies, Regimentals or Prince of Wales, declined in dark tones of blue and anthracite;
Ethnic, fabrics in pure cotton or linen cotton mixtures are emphasised by shaded checks and stripes in barré, for a casual and relaxed look;
Jacquard, a popular creativity by Albiate designers, who have used the double-faced fabrics for camouflage, floral or ethnic inspiration, without forgetting the classical world;
Raw yarns, These are the fabrics with a more rustic hand-made spirit, made with nubby yarns, fil coupé or a play on structures to create movement. Stripes and checks are strictly in neutral colours, combined with red and blue.

3. DENIM – is the great passion of Albiate. Research and creativity of the stylists of the Brand has enabled to a collection of fabrics perfect for the world of shirts, but not only.
Indigo 100% linen, blue, black and shades of brown are skillfully mixed together to create fabrics in pure linen striped, windowpane checks or Madras designing – also made with printed yarns – perfect for shirts or jackets with an appearance intentionally wrinkled and imperfect;
Indigo stripes, stripes of cotton and linen are coloured in blue: from micro to baiadera, with plays on structures referencing ethnic taste, which are perfect for garments ranging from shirts to shorts;
Ethnic Indigo, jacquard meets ethnic to give life to tone on tone double-faced fabrics of African soul;
Embroidery, Embroidery of small flowers or micro-anchors embellishes indigo and chambray linen;
Japanese Denim, recognized as one of the best for research and tradition, is woven on traditional looms that produce an irregular effect fabric. True distinguishing feature is the selvedge, which gives the finished garment an unique look.