Thanks to the mechanical harvesting that eliminates every trace of contamination, this exclusive Californian cotton with extra-long and resistant fibres is ideal for white fabrics.

Supima (Superior Pima) is an Extra Long Staple cotton known for its long and fine white fibres. It is grown mainly in California and its identifying characteristics are the absence of pollution of the fibres, due to mechanical harvesting, and a remarkable resistance to pilling. The special cleanness of the yarn makes it ideal for the production of white fabrics. The fibre is long and resistant, particularly suitable for yarns of Ne 100/2, up to Ne 120/2.

Albini group, in their quest for excellence cottons, have selected, in collaboration with J.G. Boswell Company (the most important producer of Supima) a cotton with the characteristics of length, strength and fineness above the standard. This cotton, called “Corcoran”, represents 1% of the production. Thanks to its special characteristics (micronaire 3.8 and 36.5 mm length), Albini Group have obtained the finest counts (up to Ne 180/2), never before possible with a Supima.

Supima Association monitors and guarantees the origin of each fabric with the Supima trademark.

36.5 mm