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The Albini sales outlet is an area at the Customer's disposal where he can find the right fabric for his needs besides a great variety of readymade garments.

A proposal that ranges from men's shirts (more than one thousand!) to those for women (two hundred on display): blues, plain colours, stripes, checks, coloured, cotton, linen and silk offering a concentrate of imagination which is its added value.
What's new in 2009 is the tailored service with two different types of finish. Besides the tailored machine finish we also have the hand finish, highly appreciated by true "shirt connoisseurs” who are particularly attentive to details and their image.

Moreover, the sales outlet offers the possibility of buying elegant men's pyjamas and original, fashionable boxers. The display of children's clothing is worthy of particular note. Bermudas, pinafore dresses, dresses, rompers (from 0 to 8 years), pyjamas (from 2 to 12 years), shirts and blouses (up to 14 years) make up the collection that is able to meet different requirements. The showroom, which is located on two floors covering a total display area of 250 m2, represents the expression of the quality of Cotonificio Albini fabrics with proposals of quality choices at highly competitive prices.

“It's an opportunity that Albini Group reserves for its Customers: we still maintain the culture of a shirt made to measure and also of a great fabric”  explains Eng. Andrea Albini, the Group's Industrial Manager. “We have fabrics sold in metres in rolls which go from the classics to the coloured, with seasonal proposals and others for the year round.
We also offer readymade packages with fabric for men's or women's shirts. Excellent ideas for a gift, with a pendant and the history of the brands connected to Cotonificio Albini: Thomas Mason, the historical two-for-one twisted fabrics that also dress the English royal family, and then David & John Anderson who was even mentioned by Stendhal in his book "The red and the black", distinguished by the use the very best quality raw materials from which the finest yarns in the world are made.“

Sales outlet of Albini Group          

Via Partigiani
Albino - Bergamo

Phone +39 035 77 57 993

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