Respect, protection and enhancement of people are the values underlying our way of operating.

The continuous investments, industrial expansion and the local roots contribute annually to growing prosperity and the creation of economic value for employees and partners, local communities, shareholders and lenders.

“Sustainability is now an integral part of our way of doing business, in the interest and respect of our employees and stakeholders.” – Silvio Albini


The company’s vision reflects a strong interest in gender equality, multiculturalism and the family. For Albini Group, the recognition and the development of individual potential of internal resources are of prime importance. The intent is to grow employees in environmental and safe working conditions, providing the know-how necessary for them to perform their duties. In addition, in collaboration with universities and technical colleges referalls, it has privileged the inclusion of young people by launching internships stages and also recruiting.

> Nearly 1,400 employees worldwide of which 49% women
> Women’s Presence in Italy more than 60%
Co-existence of 27 different nationalities
> Foreign language courses, IT and marketing


In all of our facilities rigid standards of ethical conduct are met that reject the exploitation of child labour, promote the person and their capabilities and ensure compliance with applicable laws, contracts and regulations, with special attention to regulations on labour relations . The safety and health of all workers are a priority for our company; we are at the forefront in ensuring working conditions that safeguard the protectthe welfare of each employee.

> Extreme attention to the health and welfare of employees


The Albini Group is a benchmark for the places in which it operates. In collaboration with governments, institutions and major regional organisations, it supports projects within the community and with young people: cultural and artistic events, academic events and conferences, collaborations with several universities (SDA Bocconi, University of Bergamo and Biella Master) and technical institutions.

The presence in Italy since 1876 of most of the plants, has allowed the Albini Group to maintain its manufacturing tradition marked by technology and quality.

> Tradition, Made in Italy excellence and innovation
> Continuous investments to maintain the productive areas to the state of the art
> Support of cultural and artistic events, academic events and conferences, projects with universities