July 23, 2021


Sashiko Jacket was born from a meeting between three excellences: Kengo Kuma, star of world architecture, Montura, excellence in the technical clothing sector and the Albini Group, leading company in the textile sector for over 140 years.

From this synergy comes the idea of creating a unique jacket, made with high quality materials. Like Biofusion®, the Albini 1876’s organic cotton, which forms the main outer fabric of the garment. A very high quality pure cotton poplin micro-emerised to obtain a delicate peach effect, produced exclusively by the Albini Group, synonymous with Italian excellence in the production of the best fabrics in the world.

Sashiko Jacket

The result of this surprising collaboration is Sashiko Jacket: a special, limited edition jacket, born in the year of the Tokyo Olympics, for which Kengo Kuma designed the new stadium. Made with precious raw materials of the highest quality, Sashiko Jacket stands out for the embroidery of the Montura logo on the fabric, which becomes the generating particle to create a contemporary pattern.

Kengo Kuma’s idea was to create an elegant sports jacket, enhancing Made in Italy materials and the technical style of Montura® which, at the same time, can be worn both in informal situations and for more specific events. Every single component has been studied with great care and attention, with the best artisan manufacturing techniques and the ergonomic solutions, characteristic of Montura®.

This project also wants to launch a message of union and solidarity. The jacket will in fact have limited availability (83 + 83 jackets) and the proceeds will be divided between two solidarity projects, one followed by Kuma (WE – Women’s Eye) and the other by Montura® (Ger for Life).

The number was not a random choice. It consists, in fact, of the numbers 8 and 3, two of the most important numbers in Japan and the East in general. Japan actually has 8 million Kami (Gods) and the number (HA or HACHI) symbolises openness, plurality and infinity: good things happen, but they need time. 8 represents an immense, undefinable quantity and even Japan itself because the country consists of a countless number of islands and, if 8 is turned on its side, the number evokes the symbol of infinity.

The number 3 (SAN), on the other hand, represents the three treasures of Buddhism: Buddha, the Sutras and monastic life. It represents positive events (sandome no shoujiki = third time lucky) and for Confucius (the influence of China on Japanese philosophy is well known) there are 3 types of friends: honest, sincere and well-informed.

The Montura® Sashiko Jacket by Kengo Kuma can be reserved by making a donation to “Need You Onlus” between 23 July and 1 November 2021 through the website