February 20, 2019



Urban Performance: this is what has inspired the Spring/Summer 2020 collection of Albini 1876, which proposes fabrics that break away from the traditional standards and become more contemporary and performing, always maintaining a chic and refined taste. Three are the main themes of this collection:

  • Stripes declined in different shapes and sizes, ranging from the most sophisticated and dusty shades to the typical nautical style of summer;
  • Skilful and balanced touches of neon colours brightening up even the most formal fabrics with a contemporary touch;
  • Continuous innovation and research of bases characterized by technical hands and cutting-edge performances.



The colorful and dynamic Albini Donna collection stands out for its creative experimentation and visual research and is ideal for all the metropolitan women constantly on the move, but always impeccable. Among all, emerge in particular the plain colours fabrics and those with jacquard designs and floral prints.

  • Plain colour fabrics, characterized by their pop colours, are extremely versatile and declined on countless bases of different hands and weights;
  • With a three-dimensional look, jacquard and fil coupé fabrics surprise with amazing colour combinations and refined graphics;
  • Printed fabrics take inspiration from an intriguing floral world and capture the attention thanks to their bright colours and vibrant contrasts.



Two essential benchmarks define the Thomas Mason collection: the historical archive, a source of renewed inspiration every season, and the use of the most precious raw materials, such as Sea Island cotton. Eccentricity and elegance meet in this collection, from which emerge three main themes:

  • Multiform stripes in sophisticated colours, where the neutral shades blend delicately with the more intense tones;
  • The college style in which marked lines of different sizes are characterized by their fresh and bright colours;
  • The high-end Everywear characterized by precious weighted, double-twisted fabrics, ideal for high quality over-shirts, dresses, jackets and trousers.



Albiate 1830 presents the perfect collection for contemporary streetwear. Military colours are mixed with neon shades, which contrast on indigo bases and recall exotic and uncontaminated landscapes. In fatc, Exotic Exploration is the key concept that has inspired this new collection, with its three main themes:

  • Vintage Hawaii atmospheres, where the enchanting Hawaiian landscapes are mixed with intense colours, inspiring prints characterized by a vintage and sophisticated taste;
  • Fabrics with a rustic look, in which slub, buttoned and bouclé yarns create sporty looks, for casual and comfortable shirts;
  • Denim continues to be the Albiate 1830 speciality, also in the Everywear version: heavy-weight fabrics, with a strong personality and ideal for pants, shorts, jackets and over-shirts.