December 10, 2021


For more than ten years now Albini Group is engaged in the reduction of its own environmental impact, in order to create an increasingly sustainable reality, with the total respect of the environment and the ecosystem. After obtaining the Certification of Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in 2018 for the plant based in Brebbia, now it’s up to the plant in Albino, the Headquarter of the Group. It represents a very important goal for Cotonificio Albini S.P.A. that testifies the path taken by the Group towards a more conscious and sustainable environmental management system.

ISO 14001 Certification is internationally known as the leading standard for environmental management systems. This regulation defines a management structure for the integration of the environmental management practices, pursuing the environmental protection, pollution prevention as well as the reduction of energy and resources consumption. The Organizations certified by ISO 14001 demonstrate their engagement in a continuous improvement of their own environmental performances, and generally speaking, their focus on environmental sustainability policies, goals that totally match with Albini Group ones, for years now engaged in the implementation of production strategies and projects designed to create a new environmental awareness. The reduction of the environmental impact and the improvement of the performances are fundamental criteria for Albini Group that contribute and affect the definition and implementation of the business strategies.

On Friday 26th November, Cotonificio Albini S.P.A. has officially received the Certification of Environmental Management System ISO 14001, personally given by TÜV SÜD, the certifying agency that accompained the Company during the certification process. Together with the official handover was presented a panel discussion, focused on the subject of sustainability and meant for highlighting the policies and strategies adopted by Cotonificio Albini S.P.A.

The participants to the panel were:

  • Marta Simonetti – Albini Group’s Environmental Management System Manager
  • Fabio Tamburini – CEO of Cotonificio Albini
  • Stefano Albini – President of Cotonificio Albini
  • Andrea Albini – Responsible for Technical Management and Coordination of Albini Group Plants
  • Giorgia Carissimi – Head of Albini Next
  • Sabrina Zapperi – Head of Marketing & Communication at TÜV SÜD Group
  • Stefano Portelli – Sales Area Manager Div. Business Assurance at TÜV SÜD


It was an important moment of discussion, during which it has been indicates the willingness to extend the environmental management system to all the plants of Cotonificio Albini S.p.a.

Albini Group has always been considered a virtuous example on sustainability goals. The ISO 14001 Certification for the production site in Albino it’s part of the Group strategy, based on constant responsibility and increasing improvement.