November 30, 2022

ALBINI_next and Fedrigoni together for FUTURA – a revolutionary tradition

ALBINI_next, the Albini Group’s think thank founded in 2019 aimed at blazing a trail to innovative solutions to create the fabrics of the future, and Fedrigoni, global leader in producing special papers for creative applications and luxury packaging, meet for an Italian collaboration in the name of circularity.

A pragmatic up-cycling idea which features the transformation of Albini Group production waste and by-products into a paper made with enormous respect for the environment and people.

After two years of work between Fedrigoni’s R&D team and Albini_next’s team, the collaboration resulted in FUTURA: a new paper 25% of which is made of fibre obtained from the Albini Group’s textile production waste and by-products, thus saving the amount of virgin cellulose normally used in paper production and recovering textile by-products that would be destined for disposal or down-cycling processes.

The FUTURA production process begins by selecting waste from the weaving phases or sample and quality control departments of Albini. The fabrics are unravelled to be converted into fibre, which Fedrigoni adds to the cellulose mixture to manufacture paper.

Through this innovative process, almost three tonnes of paper have been produced to date, using 950 kg of fabric waste.

In a perfectly circular economy perspective, Albini Group then chose to use this special paper to make the presentation supports for the Denim collection and the Service Program of the Albiate 1830 brand, Denim Design. The sign of Denim.

Learn more about the project on the ALBINI_next website
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