November 12, 2020


Albini Group has always been committed to researching and selecting the best raw materials and studying the best way to grow them.

BIOFUSION® is a unique and exclusive project that combines the know-how of the Albini Group with the passion of cotton farmers and which is based on quality, traceability and the guarantee of ethical and sustainable production.


The scientifically traceable

organic cotton

grown exclusively by Albini Group

How the BIOFUSION® project was born?

The first project for the exclusive cultivation of BIOFUSION® organic cotton was born thanks to the experience acquired by Albini Group in the selection of the best raw materials and in the direct cultivation of cotton and thanks to a close collaboration with six American farmers located between Texas, New Mexico and California.

Furthermore, with one of these growers, an innovative drip irrigation method has been developed that slowly gives small quantities of water to the surface of the soil adjacent to the plant and directly to the root zone, thus minimizing water consumption and avoiding waste.

The project is coordinated by ICA Yarns (I Cotoni di Albini SpA), an Albini Group company dedicated to the selection of raw materials and yarns, created with the aim of perfecting direct control and complete on the production chain.

Cotton crops are also supervised on-site by the Head of the Albini Group’s Cotton Hub in the United States, to ensure compliance with ethical standards and qualitative.


BIOFUSION®  comes from a blend of American organic cottons, specifically Supima®, the finest American Extra-Long Staple cotton, and Upland, a long-staple cotton of the highest quality.

BIOFUSION® is an organic cotton scientifically traceable thanks to an innovative method base on forensic science.

The enormous interest shown by the market and the relative commercial success, allowed the Albini Group to extend the range of BIOFUSION®, introducing cotton varieties coming from different countries of origin.

Albini Group directly manages and controls the cultivation of this cotton with the aim of ensuring full compliance with the law, high quality standards and traceability of the entire production chain.

What makes cotton "organic"?

To be defined organic, a cotton must come from organic plantations that meet the following requirements

  • The soil must have produced only organic products for the previous three years;
  • The seed has to be GMO free;
  • Chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides must not be used;
  • Defoliation must be natural.

The cultivation methods of BIOFUSION® cotton fully observe and follow these requirements.

Which fabrics can be made with BIOFUSION®?

The Albini Group fabrics proposals with BIOFUSION® cotton has been created thinking about the world of clothing at 360 ° and for the creation of a total look: from shirt fabrics to clothing weights for the creation of suits, jackets and trousers.

Furthermore, thanks to the know-how of ICA Yarns, a Group company specialized in the production and sale of high-end yarns, we sell BIOFUSION® yarns dedicated to the world of fashion, hosiery, sports and furniture.

Which certifications for fabrics made with BIOFUSION®?

Albini Group fabrics made with BIOFUSION® cotton has the Organic Content Standard (OCS) certification and, for certain processes, they also have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
BIOFUSION® cotton is scientifically traceable by Oritain™,  third party certifier and world leader in forensic science. This ensure the verification of the origin of the cotton at all the production stages.

What means "scientifically traceable"?

The tracing process begins with the collection of the cotton samples from the crop field. These are analyzed by Oritain ™ using forensic science to test the chemical properties of the fiber. By means of statistical models this information is transformed into a unique fingerprint for that cotton and for the environment it comes from. The product can thus be checked at any stage of the production chain to verify that it is compatible with its original fingerprint: only an exact match proves that the product is authentic. Thanks to this process, the product is traced from the cultivation field to the fabric: a guarantee not only of the origin, but also of the quality and of its ethical and sustainable production.


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