March 27, 2019


Brithis inspired, with a worldwide reputation: Thomas Mason is the concrete example of elegance and quality in the world of shirting tradition and it is appreciated by the most famous shirtmakers around the world. It reinterprets its rich heritage in a modern and original way, transferring the British connotation into international rules of menswear style, which had and are still having a great success in the Asian markets.

On March 26th Thomas Mason is in Hong Kong, together with Simon Crompton of Permanent Style for their new Symposium: “China and Luxury – How consumption of bespoke and luxury menswear is changing in the world’s biggest new market”.

With the partecipation of international fashion and market experts such as TC, co-founder of Craftsman Clothing, Tony Chang from Ascot Chang, Mark Cho, co-founder of The Armoury, and George Wang, founder of Brio Beijing, Simon Crompton will analyze and discuss the market consumption changes in China and Hong Kong, comparing their heritage of menswear craft, the behaviors of the respectively Custumers and the use of social media and Internet.

In a market where consumption habits change incredibly fast, Hong Kong and China have become a reference for new menswear over the past 15 years. The key to succeed within such a complex market is to develop a personal style and personality and Thomas Mason is the proof: an international brand that is continuing to be a global benchmark, preserving its authenticity and peculiarities.