October 23, 2019


October 24th, Town Stages, New York

Brithis inspired, with a worldwide reputation: Thomas Mason is the concrete example of elegance and quality in the world of shirting tradition and it is appreciated by the most famous shirtmakers around the world. It reinterprets its rich heritage in a modern and original way, transferring the British connotation into international rules of menswear style.

On October 24th Thomas Mason is in New York together with Simon Crompton of Permanent Style for their new Symposium: “American style: Ivy, Trad and Prep into the 21st Century”.

Simon Crompton will chair a discussion of the relevance of Ivy style – perhaps America’s greatest gift to classic menswear – with international fashion and market experts such as Alan Flusser, American author, Nick Sullivan, Creative Director Esquire Magazine, Richard Press, former CEO J. Press, Sid Mashburn, iconic American retailer, and Todd Snyder, American fashion designer.

As dress codes become more relaxed, but the need to dress well remains, Ivy style, Prep and all their offshoots have a really interesting role to play. The speakers will analyze and discuss how Ivy style is developed and changed over time, its philosophy, its variations around the world and which of its elements are still contemporary today.

Check out the photos of the event HERE and the video coverage HERE.

Town Stages is also home to The Sokoloff Arts Foundation, which facilitates a Creative Fellowship program that awards yearly support and mentorship to emerging artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The funds from our Symposium event will immediately help to provide space and resources for young Makers to explore their unique voices and make a mark in their communities.