February 9, 2022


Off the Grain is an ambitious upcycling project arised from the research work of ALBINI_next, the Albini Group think thank launched in 2019 aimed at finding innovative solutions for the fabrics of the future, in collaboration with Riso Gallo, one of the oldest Italian rice industries.

The partnership between two historic Italian companies has sparked a new type of dye obtained from processing a by-product from the food industry. A natural dye that was created with the concrete goal of being sustainable.

Watch how Off the Grain is born.

The production process of Off the Grain dye begins in the fields of Lombardy and Piedmont. Here Riso Gallo cultivates a special variety of black rice, which reaches maturity between September and October. Once mature, the rice is harvested and undergoes a series of processes in order to be sold. Once the treatment is finished, the water is disposed of, as it is no longer usable in the food chain.

ALBINI_next saves the water used to boil the rice and thanks to its know-how and creativity, transforms it into a natural dye, used by Albini Group to dye various sustainable textile fibres.

Off the Grain is a dyeing technique that guarantees water savings of between 30% and 40% compared to traditional procedures.

The result? Extraordinary fabrics with a unique appearance, made entirely respectful of the environment and people, available in a palette of natural colours ranging from bright ochre to burgundy and even dark brown. Other colours can be created for exclusive fabrics.

“We are very proud of this project and this collaboration between two Italian companies operating in different industries but which share the same calling and outlook of sustainability. It is thanks to projects like Off the Grain and enterprises such as ALBINI_next that the textile industry is creating industrial symbioses, going beyond its own borders and making a concrete innovative contribution on an international level”.   

Stefano Albini – President of Albini.

Off the Grain is pending for patent application.