July 30, 2021


The Albini Group participates in and supports the Moroni 500 project: Albino 1521-2021, promoted by the Municipality of Albino and organized by Promoserio to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Giovan Battista Moroni.

After having traveled from Bergamo to London and New York, conquering the hearts of regions and collections so far away, the Renaissance master today tells his story in the land where he was born and where he lived and worked for a good part of his life. A precise choice, that of Moroni, which establishes an indissoluble and crucial bond with his land to understand his painting and the context from which it was generated.

The project is presented as a path of discovery and enhancement, which becomes a concrete appeal to the reappropriation of the figure of the artist as a precious collective heritage, with the aim of offering beauty as a sign of rebirth and sharing, choosing the culture, guardian of the profound identity of a territory and its community, as an engine to restart united.

Like Moroni, also the Albini Group has a special relationship with the city of Albino and the entire Val Seriana. The link with the territory is in fact a fundamental part of the Group’s strategy, which has always supported its cultural initiatives.

The contribution of the Albini Group and the local realities was fundamental also for the success of this initiative. In fact, from June 2021 until the spring of 2022, exhibitions, narratives, restorations, in-depth studies and scientific publications, conferences, meetings, concerts, theatrical performances, themed excursions, cultural entertainment events, photography, fashion, guided tours and food and wine tastings are scheduled.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the Giovan Battista Moroni exhibition. Return to Albino, scheduled from 18 September to 28 November 2021, the Albini Group will be associated with one of the works shown, confirming the active relationship it has with its territory and the importance it recognizes in projects in a cultural entity.