September 20, 2019

The traceability project featured in ‘GIVE A FOK-us’

WHITE Milano, September 19-22, 2019

WHITE Milano, the unmissable event of the Woman Milan Fashion Week, becomes the ideal stage for Albini Group to present an innovative project about traceability, transparency and sustainable production.

The collaboration between Albini Group, Supima and Oritain is among the protagonists of GIVE A FOK-us, the hub of WHITE Milano curated by Matteo Ward and dedicated to sustainable innovation and social change, which explores the relationship between fashion, society and nature with the aim of focusing the attention on sustainability, circular economy and innovation.

In a context where traceability and the knowledge of the origin of the products are increasingly becoming imperative requirements, Albini Group has launched a highly innovative project in collaboration with Supima, the renowned association of cotton growers, and Oritain, the world leader in forensic science.

Their common goal is to make the fashion chain increasingly sustainable and transparent, establishing a new standard in the ethical fashion of high quality.

An installation structured in three different paths explains how the first 100% scientifically traceable Supima cotton fabric was born. This is an accurate and innovative process that allows tracking not only the country and the region of origin, but also the farm where the cotton has grown. A guarantee of the origin, but also of the quality and the sustainable production, made possible thanks to the vertically integrated supply chain of the Albini Group and to a highly innovative scientific method.

The location where GIVE A FOK-us takes place is divided into five macro-thematic areas that describe the relationship between the fashion system and water, chemicals, climate change, waste and people, in a path of sustainability aimed at identifying problems and possible solutions.