Research and innovation in every phase of the development of a fabric.

The collections that the Albini Group offers the market are the result of a long process of research and development. In particular, having complete control of the supply chain, each phase of the creation of a fabric becomes an opportunity to innovate.

Quality starts with the raw materials, therefore the Albini Group is constantly seeking the best, thanks to a dedicated team that deals exclusively with research and selection of the finest cottons and linens in the world. An expert of the Albini Group travels around the world to find, and even to develop or to cultivate better, the best raw material for each fabric.

Creativity, continuous research, experimentation, expertise in spinning, allow us to manufacture fabrics with special yarns such as mélange, mouliné, nubby, boucle and chenille. We develop highly innovative blended yarns from noble fibres like silk, linen, wool and cashmere.

I Cotoni di Albini, the Group company dedicated to the yarn, performs continuous research and development on the yarns: in fact it has become possible to obtain the finest weaving yarns in the world, reaching up to the yarn count 330/4.

Each dyeing recipe is internally designed, enabling the development of new techniques and effects, such as faded and the two-tone dye. In addition, using hybrid autoclaves that are unique in the world which combine three different dyeing techniques allow excellent colouring performance and a considerable saving of energy resources, paying great attention to environmental impact.

Thanks to an investment of 4 million euro for the complete overhaul of the department, the Albini Group dyeing machinery uses state of the art and cutting-edge technologies.

Each collection Albini Group manufactures fabrics with innovative weaves, new structures and plays on designs, including the combined use of special yarns, sometimes superfine.

Only thanks to the great know-how of the people and state of the art looms it is possible to create precious fabrics: all weaving machines are constantly renewed to always maintain the latest state of the art technology.

During finishing, each fabric as if by magic, is embellished in touch and appearance. Albini realizes this stage in Italy, where, thanks to the perfect process control and the use of exclusively designed equipment,  ennobles the fabrics with innovative aspects and handles.

Fabrics with soft, warm touch or more raw and crisp, fluid silky fabrics, flannels, fabrics that do not crease, or even stretch fabrics without the use of polyamides that do not degrade over time.

The control is constant along the entire production chain and this allows the Albini Group to verify the outcome of the innovations introduced at every stage, timely development and possibly change the initial requirements, it is essential to make final the process, optimise product performance and achieve the highest quality in each step of the creation of the fabric.