The search for natural excellence

We are deeply rooted in the fertile soil of quality, where every detail is cared for with meticulous attention. Our experts are constantly searching for the finest cotton and most highly valued linen, establishing collaborations and partnerships with first-rate producers.

Controls and selection

We directly control and carefully select raw materials through ICA Yarns, our company which specialises in manufacturing high-end yarns. We maintain strict standards in sourcing only the finest natural fibres to ensure the constant quality of our products.

Respect for raw materials

We apply the most modern technologies and thorough controls in every stage of our product processing. Each fabric is a textile work of art, forged by innovation and respect for the characteristics of natural raw materials.


BIOFUSION® is our organic cotton which can be scientifically traced using Oritain™ technology, which allows the origin of the cotton to be verified in any stage of the production chain. This exclusive project combines our know-how with the experience of cotton growers and is founded on three key principles: quality, traceability and the guarantee of an ethical and sustainable production.

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