Our commitment to sustainable and responsible growth

Sustainability and transparency have always guided our way of doing business. That is why we have decided to monitor our environmental and social performances and to put our commitment to sustainability down in writing in a report to be published in October 2024.

Our pillars

We carry out activities and initiatives to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum, strengthen our corporate social responsibility and promote ethical practices.

Responsible management
Governance, the Code of Ethics and the Economic value of the Albini Group represent the cornerstones on which all the initiatives linked to sustainability are based.
Raw material quality and production chain sustainability
We manage the entire production chain directly and vertically, from the cultivation of the raw materials to the finished fabric, to ensure maximum transparency in each phase.
Environmental protection
We strive to control and reduce our environmental impact, aware that being a leader in the industry also comes from being committed to a more sustainable fashion.
The value of human capital
We have always invested in human capital, basing our HR policy on each person’s continuous learning and personal well-being.
Customer care
Adopting a holistic approach on the production chain, we carry out programmed controls on each production stage, ensuring an incomparable level of customer care.
Innovation and R&D are amongst our most important assets, through which we produce high-quality products, identifying the latest developments in the industry and anticipating trends.