An offer studied to liberate your creative potential

We are ready to guide you in choosing and creating the perfect product for your ideas. To do this, we develop more than 13,000 fabric variations every year, each made to inspire your most creative visions.

Seasonal collections
The very essence of the seasons of fashion

Each season, our fabric brands renew their proposals offering new products that are the result of our style team’s research. New raw materials, new yarns, new dyeing and finishing techniques are combined with the study of seasonal trends, giving life to collections where the features of each brand are maximised to the fullest.

Continuous collections
The excellence you were searching for, always available

We believe that the most iconic and classic fabrics must always be available for our customers. That is why we provide a wide variety of top-quality fabrics that are always in stock. There are more than ten continuous collections designed to meet the need of having the finest of the Albini Group textile production always available: from classic and high-performance fabrics to casualwear and patterns.

Exclusive collections
Weaving your next masterpiece together

We collaborate with brands and creative people in fashion to conceive ad hoc fabrics for unique, sustainable and trendy garments. Customised fabrics are made to an individual customer’s specific demands and are developed by specialised designers and a dedicated sample department, allowing customers to choose the designs directly on the fabric. This valuable service allows for the highest level of customisation, unique for each customer.

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We are ready to guide you in choosing and creating the perfect product that will give life to your ideas.