Corporate & Compliance

Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8th June 2001 introduced into the Italian legal system a system of administrative liability of the Entities – including capital companies – for certain crimes committed by directors, managers or employees in the interest or for the benefit of the Entity itself.

Cotonificio Albini S.p.A., inspired by a modern corporate concept that provides for a close correlation between ethics and business, has implemented the principles dictated by the legislation in question and has adopted its own Organization, Management and Control Model and a Code of Ethics.

The Supervisory Body was also established, in collegial composition, which has the task of supervising the functioning of the Model, guaranteeing its effectiveness and adequacy and taking care of its periodic updating.


Since 1876, our commitment and ambition has been focused on creating the most beautiful fabrics in the world. The identity of Cotonificio Albini, born from the entrepreneurial style of the founders, is based on values like honesty, transparency, innovation, social and environmental responsability. This approach is the result of a strong and recognised cultural identity, described in detail in Code of Ethics, to which all managers and employees and those who directly or indirectly establish relationships or relationships with Cotonificio Albini S.p.A. are required to comply.

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Organization, Management and Control Model

The Organization, Management and Control Model adopted by Cotonificio Albini S.p.A. – consisting of a General Part and individual Special Parts (relating to each family of crime deemed relevant) – pursues the objective of ensuring compliance with the principles of correctness and transparency in the conduct of business and corporate activities and, at the same time, of prevent the commission of unlawful conduct, expressly provided for by Legislative Decree no. 231/01, by its directors, employees and collaborators.

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All Recipients are required to report promptly to the Supervisory Body of Cotonificio Albini S.p.A. any violation or alleged violation of the Code of Ethics and / or the Organizational Model, as well as any element indicative of the possible commission of offenses. Any reports may be sent to the e-mail address or by written notice addressed to: “Organismo di Vigilanza del Cotonificio Albini S.p.A., Via Dr. Silvio Albini n. 1 – 24021 Albino (BG)”.


Cotonificio Albini S.p.A. it is also equipped with a “Whistleblowing” digital platform – in compliance with Law 179/17 issued on 30 November 2017 and which entered into force on 29 December 2017 – which allows to send offences and irregularities in an effective and confidential manner.
The platform for sending offences and irregularities can be reached at this link:

Issues sent through the platform Whistleblowing will be directly delivered to the Supervisory Body of Cotonificio Albini S.p.A., who will verify the validity of the facts with extreme respect of confidentiality.
It is also stated that the report submission will be accepted anonymously.

Please, click here to download the Whistleblowing Policy.


Based on the economic indicators of 2020, we have written this annual report, which offers a general overview of what has been achieved within our industrial reality. Targeted investments, team spirit and collaboration have allowed us to obtain important results and give life to innovative projects, confirming once again the leading role of the Albini Group within the international textile scene.

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