Behind every creation there is innovation

Behind every creation there is our constant search for new horizons, new solutions and new goals.

In the Albini Group, we lead innovation in the worldwide textile industry creating products and collections that bring together beauty, performances and respect for the environment.

Our research and development activities focus on different spheres of action, bonded by a common objective: creating exclusive fabrics that express our passion for beauty, innovation and quality.

For us, everything is an opportunity to innovate, to transform ideas into reality.

Creative research is what distinguishes us most: every season we create new fabrics, experiment new materials, and find new finishing techniques.

We work continuously in our plants to innovate products, machinery, techniques and solutions, to always be more competitive and abreast of the market demands: a vertical search for innovation that embraces the entire production chain, from the selection of raw materials to delivering the finished product.

Our innovation hub

Here, the imagination knows no bounds and works to open up unexplored paths. Research and development find their most sensational expression with ALBINI_next, our innovation hub dedicated to accelerating ideas and technology transfer between science and the textile industry.

A digital experience that goes straight to the heart of creativity

It is our wish that the quality of our products be at the disposal of all those who have a vision to achieve. That is why we created an e-commerce platform able to offer our customers a total experience.

Real-time information, high-definition images and 3D simulations are some of the services the platform offers, created to be an e-shop that looks to the future of textiles.