February 15, 2016

Albini, donna Spring/Summer 2017

Albini,donna: fabrics for shirts with a strong personality

A complete collection, rich in content, diverse, that approaches the female fashion world through classical bases reinterpreted and enriched by plays of structures. Fabrics with a classic and rigorous elegance intersecting with those of a more contemporary femininity. The collection consists of a series of colour themes, declined on iconic textures, dressed in a new creativity: whites and blues in lightness – for the shirt made with precious Giza 87 fabric, that should not be missing in the wardrobe of every woman – navy stripes, white and black, colourful stripes, the natural tones of linen.

The Spring/Summer Albini,donna 2017 collection consists of three themes:

1. Whites and plains (yarn dyed or piece dyed) in pastel colours with a summer soul, in light blue and blue. Yarn dyed fabrics, both fixed and stretch, find their highest expression in pure white and in light blue. Great return of the shirt in yarn dyed fabric in the female wardrobe that becomes the new basic.

2. Patterned yarn dyed fabrics The stripes are seen as the protagonists, interpreted on stretch fabrics in tenuous tones with the addition of a navy concept that enhances the two-tone stripes of every size, in white/blue, white/red and white/light blue. The ironic and sophisticated woman will chose multicoloured stripes developed on cotton muslin, where white and blue are combined with a touch of yellow or declined in bright colours on a blue base with touches of orange, yellow and red.

Checks are not missing: macro ones on a very light muslin in dark and elegant Indian red tones, in green, purple, pink and brown.

The classic elegance of designs with a masculine taste is recalled and re-interpreted in a feminine key through bouclé fabrics and neps yarns that give three-dimensionality. Summer is celebrated with thetheme of fringes, for a refined hippie concept of 70s and with sophisticated stripes developed on linen, in which white and blue are matched also with brown.

3. Prints, multicolour or monocolour, micro or macro, are developed on both ultra-light and heavier bases, also suitable for the production of clothing. Geometries and graphics are developed in white and blue, for patterns ranging from stripes to sophisticated polka dots.