Each year, Albini Group designs and manufactures more than 13,000 new variants of fabric, a result of intense research and creativity of three stylistic teams, composed of more than 30 people.

Each season four new collections are created, each with different styles: classic, casual, fashion, sports, contemporary. The different themes and creative moods of the collections, always inspired by diverse styles, underline the seasonal trends, enhancing the distinctive aspects of each brand and creating fabrics that inspire fashion houses, retailers and specialised shirt makers.

Every single fabric comes to life from the deep study and interpretation of seasonal trends and the research for new sources of inspiration.

One aspect of the research is formed by travel in the world’s major fashion capitals such as Milan, New York, Tokyo, Paris and London, with the objective to identify and anticipate the various International trends. The Group’s designers accomplish this journey of discovery of styles, trends, places, flavours and colours, that will be an inspiration for the creation of the new collections.

But creativity also draws from the past: the historical archives of Albini Group, made up of more than seven hundred volumes dating back to the nineteenth century, recounts a history of fabrics, colours and amazing designs, and this represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The study and development of new raw materials, yarns and blends and the latest weaving and finishing techniques, allow the Group to propose always new and innovative fabrics, which respond to the contemporary demands.

From the collaboration with designers from around the world and from the interpretation of the requests of different customers, projects are created that together combine modernity, functionality and emotion.