A long manufacturing tradition with Italian roots
yet also with an International vocation.

A reality made up of 8 establishments, of which 3 are in Italy, 3 in Egypt, one in the Czech Republic, one in Hungary and between them over 1,250 employees.

Since 1876, Albini Group headquarters has been located in Albino (Bergamo, Italy). Here, in addition to the offices, numerous phases of the production process are carried out, such as yarn dyeing, weaving, the production of samples and the inspection of greige fabrics.

Also in Albino is the headquarters of ICA Yarns (I Cotoni di Albini S.p.A.), the Group company specialized in the production and sale of high-end yarns made with natural and precious raw materials and dedicated to the worlds of fashion, hosiery, sports and furniture.

In 2003, the weaving mill in Mottola (Taranto, Italy) was opened. It covers an area of 30,892 m2 and is dedicated to the weaving preparation and the weaving.

The finishing plant in Brebbia (Varese, Italy) was opened in 1996 and represents a crucial step in Albini Group verticalisation process, in order to improve the capacity for innovation, quality and service. In Brebbia it is carried out the dyeing and the finishing of over one million meters of fabric per month.

Since 2008, the greige yarn and all the greige and finished fabrics are stored in the logistics center in Gandino (Bergamo). Here, an additional space is dedicated to the laboratory for fabric tests and analysis and to the inspection of finished fabrics.

In 2009 the weaving plant “Mediterranean Textile” became operational at Borg El Arab (Egypt).

In 2010 the yarn dyeing plant “Delta Dyeing” was inaugurated in Egypt at Borg El Arab.

In 2002 the weaving mill of Letohrad, in the Czech Republic, was acquired. Here are produced yarn dyed fabrics and jacquard fabrics.

In 2022, Filati Maclodio Kft was acquired in Hungary, where our yarns are product.