July 19, 2017


Albini 1876, creativity and Made in Italy excellence for shirts to wear on every occasion

The Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection of Albini is divided into three macro themes – Formal, Contemporary, Leisure – which comprise fabrics ideal for shirts to wear on any occasion and at any time of the day. Fabrics that are very different from each other, but tied to a fil rouge of great research, modernity and the maximum quality of Made in Italy.

The Formal fabrics are ideal for those who choose the hyper-classic look but also for those with more unusual accents, because today the traditional taste blends and contaminates with the informal. Precious fabrics such as the two-fold become more modern and contemporary thanks to structures that create plays of light and three-dimensional effects. The colour palette goes through the colours of classic shirts, to which this season can be added an original and sophisticated touch of burgundy and yellow ochre.

In the proposal of Contemporary fabrics, MICRO TENCEL has become more and more important: a fibre of plant origin extracted from South Africa’s eucalyptus forests whose cultivation is handled in a sustainable way. The fibre produced is smooth and voluminous and the resultant fabrics are particularly silky and soft on the skin for a feeling of comfort and naturalness.
A great protagonist of the collection is the flannel, also in the Natural Comfort version with natural stretch effect, in intense colour ranges teamed with grey and developed in small or large check designs. To highlight also the Urban Camouflage inspired fabrics developed with special yarns such as chenille, mouliné and bouclé, needle punched fabrics, embroideries and devoré prints.

The Leisure fabrics are a hymn to the stripes, but in an innovative version: chenille, for example, with a fine touch, soft and three-dimensional, it is perfect for fabrics striped in an unusual and sophisticated manner. Prints and patterns are inspired by the most sophisticated drapery and dress fabrics with insertions of wool and botton yarn, mouliné and bouclé, for a warmer and wintery aspect. Finally, a proposal for a city look; fabrics inspired by the most chic mountain resorts: ‘Alpi Style in The City’ includes bouclé and botton fabrics – such as the sought-after Donegal, an Irish Tweed with various colored botton yarn – printed jersey, flannel and velvet-effect fabric in small structure details. Flanellino, a fabric in linen for winter, is declined in plains and ginghams and Flanellino Mélange is presented in tartans and plains in dark tones.

Albini donna: feminine fabrics for soft and colourful winter shirts

The desire for colour! Next winter the trend for women will be to wear super-feminine and colourful shirts. The Albini donna collection for Autumn/Winter 2018-19, which is full and rich in content, develops a perfect mix of bases with craftsmanship to create shirts and clothing that are suitable for every occasion.

Not only colour, but also fluid and silky touches, thanks to the use of MICRO TENCEL, a fibre that gives life to fabrics that are soft on the skin, with perfect appeal for women’s wear. The MICRO TENCEL fabric proposal is designed in stripes ranging from bolder to micro-structures that create a houndstooth effect, up to bold twill stripes, perfect for even destructured trousers and contemporary long shirt-tunics. Jacquard processing enriches the MICRO TENCEL fabrics with soft floral print designs or small effects inspired by tie fabrics. The wool mixture fabrics are ideal for pretty lined dresses or casual chic blouses. Great novelty is the MICRO TENCEL and silk in yarn dyed available in many colour variations.

Stripes are the protagonists: in stretch versions they are developed in special combinations; in the poplin versions, instead, bold stripes where white is matched with blue, orange, navy, black or brick. Finally and not to miss the placed stripes, with bases of beige, white or pearly grey, for original shirts with borders or unusual frills.

Important is the use of special yarns, such as the bouclé that creates an innovative check or the jacquards with fil coupé that combine three-dimensional flowers, iridescent effects or polka-dots with stripes.

The lightweight flannel becomes feminine thanks to an elastic yarn that gives movement or becomes precious because made in rich blends of cotton/cashmere and declined in natural tones. Not to miss the white fabrics, developed in the collection on a multiplicity of quality bases and structures, from the lightest to the most structured and traditional.

Thomas Mason: fabrics dedicated to the globetrotter businessman

The collection of Thomas Mason for Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection is dedicated to contemporary man with sophisticated tastes, a stylish businessman with a globetrotter soul. It is for him that Journey fabrics have been conceived, characterised by a very high quality combined with comfort, for shirts perfect from morning to evening and resistant to creasing thanks to a special finishing that parallelises and brightens the fibres, causing the fabric to keep the original shape and neat appearance. The proposal of Journey fabrics is developed in the most classic colours and designs in Egyptian cotton, for precious shirts in various weights and structures.

Bold and at the same time creative: the stripes can not be missed in the Thomas Mason collection, from the classic monochrome bengals even in mélange versions to the most eccentric and innovative stripes in multiple colours of English inspiration.

For the winter season, Thomas Mason chooses to include in the collection a proposal of innovative fabrics, ideal for the cooler months:
– wool, a lightweight and breathable raw material made even more valuable thanks to special treatments that allow washing of the garments in the washing machine to enhance its performance of wear resistance and to make it absolutely uncreasable;
– Balmoral, a very precious cotton and cashmere intimate blend fabric combining the two peculiarities of the raw materials: the lightness, warmth and softness of cashmere with the breathability, fit and comfort of cotton. The result is a light hand-feel with a pleasing touch, for noble and elegant casual shirts.

Important is also the proposal of piece dyed fabrics, two fold precious bases with intense colours. A great novelty in the Thomas Mason collection are the garment treated proposals, which include the dyeing of ready-made clothing and are ideal for those who love a sophisticated casual that minimizes the concept of the classic shirt.
Thomas Mason offers a selection of their most precious fabrics, made with exclusive raw materials, fine yarns and precious mixtures, which are the ideal basis for obtaining outstanding results.

Sport, denim and jacquard: the essence of Albiate 1830

Albiate 1830, an internationally recognised brand for its authority in denim and casual lightweight  fabrics, presents a collection of great research for the Autumn/Winter 2018-19 where avant-garde design proposals are created with innovative raw materials and in high quality. ALBIATE 1830 becomes the ideal ingredient for shirts and blouses, but also for endless other applications including jackets, waistcoats, women’s dresses and – in general – for all the garments and styles that require an iconic, on-trend fabric that is memorable.

SPORT – Protagonist is the flannel, the lightest in twill or brushed versions – featured in winter colours with off-white or ecru grounds perfect for a country or mountain chic look – through to the heaviest and multicoloured, ideal for over-shirts jackets and destructured jackets with blurred Madras effect designs. The fabrics in MICRO TENCEL and Modal are part of the Albiate collection, also in the cotton/blended version, for soft and warm fabrics both in tartan and striped designs. The creativity, experimentation and research of the group, combined with unmatched expertise in the yarn, enable Albini Group to produce fabrics with special yarns such as bouclé, chenille and botton yarns, which in the Albiate collection are dressed in the colours and fantasies of British collegiate taste. The print is a significant part of the Albiate 1830 collection, which for this season is developed across three themes: ‘happy print’ – small skiers, polar bears, reindeer and retro boxers – ‘floral’ – Japanese motifs on garbardines and flannels – and ‘vintage camouflage’ – military prints reinterpreted in a contemporary manner.

DENIM – is the great passion of Albiate. The search and creativity of the designers of the brand have created innovative and very different fabrics. Starting from the MICRO TENCEL in indigo in plain piece dyed or checked versions – also moved with inserts of mouliné yarn – finishing with the most fancy fabrics made with chenille, also the indigo jacquard designs with stippled and needle-punched effects. Continuing the development of the Japanese Denim, recognised as one of the best in terms of research and tradition, continues to be woven on traditional shuttle looms that produce an extremely uneven irregular fabric. The distinctive feature is the selvedge, which gives the finished garment a unique look. Denim prints are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with Japanese inspiration patterns on light bases or flannels in jacket weights.

JACQUARD – the designers of Albiate have used it for more classic and fancy fabrics ranging from fil coupé to structured grounds, from printed yarn to ‘dark’ versions where black is matched with an innovative mélange. Small designs like the bear and the penguin reflect the inspiration of the prints.