February 9, 2018


There are three macro themes that comprise the Spring/Summer 2019 collection by Albini 1876 – Formal, Contemporary and Leisure – that include fabrics with a refined and contemporary taste, ideal for creating shirts perfect for any occasion, from business to leisure, in the city and on holiday. The constant research, the modernity and the highest quality of Made in Italy are the essential values that run throughout the entire collection.

Formal fabrics were designed by the stylistic team of the brand for three specific concepts, which can co-exist in the same wardrobe: the classic – for which white and blue are essential, both in piece-dyed and micro patterns – the formal updated – from contemporary taste, in which cotton is enhanced by special yarns – and colour – that expresses its personality thanks to the primary colours combined with colonial and sophisticated tones.

Fabrics that tell a story, in which one of the protagonists is definitely Duke, a 100% Albini must-have. Classic and versatile, Duke represents the best fabric for a shirt to be worn every day. Woven in the mills of Albini from the precious Supima, the extra long-staple cotton grown in California, is notable for its white, long and subtle fibres. Thanks to the mechanical harvesting that eliminates any trace of pollution, this cotton gives life to luminous fabrics without impurities. Made with two-fold yarns, Duke fabrics are also developed into honeycomb structures that recall the world of knitwear, for shirts with a three-dimensional aspect.

Other great interpreters of the collection are the fabrics with Natural Comfort, whose essence of quality begins with the choice of precious and 100% natural raw materials. The secret is contained within the innovative low temperature treatment that modifies the structure of the fibres and gives the fabric a natural elasticity, without resorting to synthetic components. The result is breathable and resistant fabrics that do not deform and maintain their elasticity over time.

Unmissable for Spring/Summer are the Linen and the sophisticated fabrics in Linen blends, which were born from the union of the best long-staple cotton with the most precious European linen. These fabrics express the best characteristics of a pleasant touch and strength, typical of cotton, with the freshness and creativity of linen. A combination of stylistic refinement and the excellence of Made in Italy production, which manifests itself in soft and lightweight fabrics, with a refined touch and a luminous aspect.

Within the Formal proposal, high quality unites with sustainability, to give life to ECOtone fabrics, created from 100% organic cotton and ECOlino, created with 100% organic linen from plants grown without the use of chemicals harmful to the environment and without irrigation. ECOlino fabrics are dyed in Italy with a totally natural and eco-compatible technique, which uses only dyes obtained from infusions of leaves, woods, berries and roots. For this reason the colour palette encompasses the most natural tones, through to the shades of indigo, chestnut and licorice.

A trip to California inspired the contemporary fabrics of Albini, in which images of Venice Beach in black and white are the background to fabrics for shirts with a relaxed appeal, declined in soft tones of blue, military green and camel in contrast with the bright tints of primary colours. The proposal includes piece-dyed fabrics, developed in different bases ranging from muslins, to seersuckers and different structures, which are dressed in light and sophisticated colours but also in the most intense colours. The classic designs, such as the bengal stripes, the end on end and the gingham check, have been reinterpreted thanks to the needle-punch technique and the crinkle effect print, which makes them more modern and contemporary. Also the printed fabrics play a fundamental role within the collection, with patterns ranging from polka dots to animals, to Hawaiian and tropical motifs.

The stylistic team of Albini has exalted to the maximum the Micro Tencel, a plant-origin fibre whose cultivation is managed in a sustainable way, developing it in many bases and structures, from Oxford to poplin, also with crumpled and relaxed effects, and sometimes the insertion of special yarns. Alongside woven shirting, the jersey is an important trend, developed in voile fabrics, in cotton and Tencel and in Tencel and linen blends, with particular flamed effects that find their maximum expression in neutral colours, and also in blue and green.

Within the Leisure proposal of Albini, the keyword is EveryWear, morover linen fabrics with the most heavy weights designed for clothing, ideal for example to create over-shirts, tunics, dresses, shorts, jackets or trousers, comfortable and chic at the same time, especially suited to wearing while traveling. The colour range is sophisticated, ranging from white to natural/neutral to délavé or washed out blues and black smoke. Linen is the absolute protagonist in shirt fabrics, both in its solid piece-dyed colour and in patterns. The bases are renewed thanks to the research in the yarns, to give life to new, wavy and three-dimensional looks, interpreted in the different shades of burgundy, in blue, in burnt shades and khaki. The tartan on linen is lively in its most refined interpretation, while the prints of flowers, parrots and tropical plants on linen délavé are distinctly chic.

The soul of the collection is cotton, which is enhanced by a very sophisticated colour range. The tartan patterns are renewed with special yarns picked out in primary colours, that are also developed in heavier weights to create unlined jackets. The stripes range from very light colours with ethnic touches to full and bright colours that blend well with the more classic beige and yellow tones. You should not miss the tropical vintage taste, comprising imagery of whales, toucans and parrots, palm trees and flowers, even in the romantic version with watercolor brush strokes. For the bravest, high definition photo printing perfectly reproduces the fascinating landscapes of the Jungle and Savannah.