August 24, 2017


“Sustainability for Albini Group is not a point of arrival but a process of continuous improvement.”
Silvio Albini

Respecting the environment has always been in the nature of Albini Group

Sustainabilty is not just a slogan for Albini Group, but an actual reality that translates into concrete
activities every day, such as reduced use of water quantities, the limited use of chemicals, maximum
attention to energy saving and the use of renewable sources.

Thanks to all the energy efficiency measures made between 2012 and 2016 at the production plants,
Albini Group saves annually:


From seed to fabric: 100% traceable

Albini Group manages and controls all stages of the production process in its own plants, ensuring
efficiency and absolute quality:

Full control of all stages of production allows Albini Group to ensure the traceability of every metre of
fabric, identifying the raw materials with which it was made, all the phases through which it was
produced and the controls carried out.


The people. Our greatest value

The vision of Albini Group reflects a strong interest in equal opportunities, multiculturalism and the
family. The goal is to grow the employees in a safe environment and working conditions, providing them
with the know-how needed to best perform their duties. Also the territory is an important value: Albini
Group is a point of reference for the localities where it works actively with the local government and
local organisations.