February 12, 2018


We are delighted to introduce Thomas Mason’s new Goldline Collection, where you’ll find noble and precious fabrics that give life to new rules of elegance for the contemporary gentleman. The highest level of Thomas Mason’s service program, which was originally created for the company’s bicentenary celebrations (1796-1996).

Today this truly remarkable collection is enriched by David & John Anderson, the brand acquired by Albini Group in 1992 which specialises in the finest yarn counts and fabrics in the most exquisite materials.
The classic Thomas Mason Goldline fabrics, on typical structures of poplin, zephyr, twill and oxford use 140/2-160/2 two-fold cotton yarns. The precious DJA fabrics range from 170/2 up to 240/2 offering a full range of luxurious possibilities to our Customers.

These extra-long staple cottons are obtained from only the best Egyptian cotton, Giza 45, cultivated in a small area of the Nile delta, thanks to its climate and fertile soil, Giza 45 represents only 0.4% of total annual Egyptian cotton production.

But Giza 45 isn’t the only player in the field. Also included is the extra fine linen from Normandy (where the best linen is cultivated): light, natural, pleasing to the touch and refined in design.

The proposal also offers a selection of fabrics in the genuine West Indian Sea Island Cotton to which Albini Group holds exclusivity to 100% of the production from Barbados.

All the Goldline Collection fabrics are available and will remain in stock for several years. We hope that you will appreciate our project!