January 13, 2020

Albini Group participates at WSM Fashion Reboot

January 11-12, 2020 – BASE Milano – Tortona 54

Albini Group is among the protagonists of WSM Fashion Reboot, the first event entirely dedicated to sustainable innovation and fashion design, aiming to act as a bridge connecting the different forms and cultures of sustainability with the market as well as the end-users.

Organized by Matteo Ward on the occasion of the men’s fashion week, WSM Fashion Reboot promotes a concrete change, as the result of the synergies and interactions occurred between the most authoritative stakeholders that have been actively operating within the world of sustainability in the past years. A pioneering project, which wants to create a virtuous circle that feeds on new ideas, generates new connections and strengthens existing ones, bridging the dialogue gap between promoting the culture of sustainable development and the players operating within the fashion sector.

WSM Fashion Reboot is an invitation-only event: exhibitors are selected precisely because they represent examples to follow, promoters of a positive transformation with a focus on transparency, innovation and research. Albini Group could only be among them.

To each exhibitor is assigned a white brick, symbolizing an empty space to be filled with ideas, values, projects and objectives. A space that the Albini Group has filled with key values such as traceability, transparency, innovation, environmental and social sustainability. Words that are concretely implemented in the production strategies and projects that for 10 years have led the textile company to be recognised as a pioneer of sustainable development.

Organic cotton and linen fabrics and fabrics made with recycled yarns or with sustainable fibers, such as TENCELTM Lyocell, Q-NOVA® and EVO®, do not represent just a particular section of the entire collection, but they are the new foundations on which the Albini Group is building its production, obtaining an always more importance also within the denim world. Organic denim is in fact considered one of the most representative and iconic fabrics of the entire Group. Made of 100% organic cotton of the highest quality, this fabric also stands out for the use of an innovative dyeing method, which minimizes the use of chemicals.

At WSM Fashion Reboot the Albini Group will tell all the steps that led it to be counted among the most important players in the fashion and sustainability system, testifying the importance of transforming the current environmental and social crisis into an opportunity for progress.

A declaration, a manifesto, a clear vision: this is sustainability according to the Albini Group.