June 14, 2021

Istituto Marangoni and Albini Group interpret the various souls of Supima cotton

The excellence of American raw materials and Italian textiles combine with the prestigious Italian Fashion School Istituto Marangoni Milano and the creativity of students from the Master Course in Fashion Product Management to give life to a project to support, inspire and encourage young product managers in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Albini Group and Supima partnered to provide students of the Istituto Marangoni with a selection of organic cotton fabrics, broken down into four specific themes – White, Denim, Total Look/Overshirt and Casual Shirt – with the aim of interpreting and enhancing the different qualities of this special variety of cotton with a long and resistant fibre.

Students, divided in four groups, worked on a different concept before presenting their creative ideas for developing finished garments to Albini and Supima. The projects were analysed and evaluated, with a garment being chosen and subsequently created for each theme. This project allowed students to gain professional experience by collaborating with two important players in the international textile market.

The projects

The students who faced the White challenge used Albini’s Organic Ecozephir fabric, enhancing the Supima cotton’s beauty and brilliance with the aim of reinterpreting the classic white shirt with the addition of a modern twist.

The Supima cotton fibre’s strength also renders it perfect for creating denim fabrics of the utmost quality and a rustic look, such as the Piazza Vecchia textile, a unique and exclusive organic selvedge Denim that the students were able to use to create a Streetwear-style dress, with attention paid to each and every detail.

One of the characteristics of fabrics made of Supima cotton is their extreme durability      combined with softness. The students who dedicated their efforts to the Total Look/Overshirt theme created a trench coat with the Shakespeare fabric, a 100% cotton gabardine with a well-beaten look, perfect for creating outerwear garments for a formal yet classy style.

Finally, for the Casual Shirt theme, the students opted for Zephir, a very fine gingham of      organic cotton, as light and delicate as the wind, to create a shirt with a perfect fit and unique style, in a garment that is not only incredibly comfortable but also able to confer a strong personality to any look.

“This is the first time that Supima and Albini collaborated together with a leading design school in Europe. We were extremely impressed with the creative projects that the students did with their Albini fabrics made with Supima and we are proud to have supported future project manager in this ambitious project.”

Buxton Midyette – VP Marketing and Promotions, Supima


“The Supima/Albini project represented a unique occasion for our students working as Product Manager, giving them the opportunity to understand the specific process of the creation of  garments and facing the distinctive facets of the whole matter, from the idea to the production. After an initial phase of research about trends and values of the brand, students designed a concept, afterward turned into the final product using the prestigious fabrics of the group: a precious experience to complete their Master, getting them prepared for the job market.”

Paolo Meroni, Italy Director of Education of Istituto Marangoni Milano


“We are happy and proud to have taken part with Supima in the project organised by Istituto Marangoni Milano. It is essential for us to teach new-generation students the importance of raw materials and sustainability in our sector and for them to bear witness to our active commitment to this aspect. Traceability of the entire production chain, transparency of production processes, innovation and product quality are fundamental requirements of the Albini Group’s modus operandi, made possible also thanks to the partnership with companies such as Supima, open to collaboration towards this common goal. Having taken part in this project is certainly essential to continue the path of exchange and interaction between the various players in the sector and the academic world, of which Marangoni is an absolute protagonist.”

Gabriele Camozzi – Head of Marketing, Albini Group


The garments created by Istituto Marangoni Milano students will be exhibited for two weeks in the Albini Showroom in Milan, starting from 14th June.

Thanks to Supima, Istituto Marangoni and Project Managers: Edoardo Magazzeni, Cecilia Pegorini, Paoletti Elisa, Ivana Amicone, Natalia Pannacci, Noemi Baravelli, Miren Artola, Camille Mercier, Emanuele Esposito and Ye Siyao