September 18, 2018

The innovative performances of Albini Group fabrics for A/W 2019-20

Research, cutting-edge technology and exclusive finishing treatments have allowed Albini Group to create fabrics with highly innovative properties and performances.

ZERO24, fabrics created thanks to an innovative eco-friendly finish and designed specifically for those who desire a shirt always in good order, which does not crease, impeccable from the boardroom to the bar. ZERO24 fabrics are ideal for shirts to wear from dawn to dusk, in extra-long staple cotton, breathable and comfortable, made with single-fold yarns.

Yoga fabrics born from precious and exclusively natural raw materials that, thanks to an innovative treatment, acquire a stretch effect without resorting to synthetic components. The Yoga fabrics are breathable and durable, maintaining a perfect elasticity even after numerous washes.

X-Aquatech combines three functions in one fabric. The exterior of the fabric is water repellent to ensure protection from rain, while on the inside the moisture is absorbed and transported away from the body for perfect breathability. The fabrics treated with X-Aquatech, a PFC-free treatment that Albini makes in its factories, dry quickly, can be washed in the washing machine and maintain their quality unchanged over time.

X-Soltech, thanks to special agents added to the fabric that prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays, ensures maximum protection of the skin against UV-A and UV-B rays during outdoor moments. Moreover, thanks to a state-of-the-art technology based on natural substances, X-Soltech guarantees control and elimination of odours and is completely breathable and natural, maintaining these properties after many washes.

X-Thermotech is a fabric that, thanks to an innovative technology that guarantees perfect thermoregulation and moisture management, gives an extraordinary dry-touch feeling, freshness and well-being on the skin. X-Thermotech guarantees control and elimination of odours while remaining completely breathable and natural. X-Thermotech fabrics remain a pleasure to wear even after many washes.

Water Repellent are fabrics of the highest quality that, thanks to the treatment with a special coat, do not absorb water and are therefore ideal for overshirt, jackets and raincoats.

Moreover, Thomas Mason has designed the Journey collection for the man who travels both for business and for passion: innovative fabrics, ideal for those who desire a shirt with a fresh and perfect aspect from morning to night, even after being extracted from a suitcase. Thanks to a special finish, the Journey fabrics in pure Egyptian cotton are resistant to creasing and maintain a perfect look without the need for special care.