September 14, 2022

The Last Ball by Aditi Sahoo – Central Saint Martins. Student Interview

The Albini Group has always been committed to support young talents, giving importance to their ideas and helping them in the realisation of their projects, as in the case of Aditi Sahoo, who graduated in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in London. Aditi is specialised in womenswear and her collection is titled ‘The Last Ball’: a moment in time where everyone is rushing and running to celebrate the very last moments of decadence; insane indulgence- a true tale of modern chaos.

As Albini Group we supported Aditi with the furniture of Albini 1876 fabrics, which were surprisingly interpreted by Aditi. Discover more of “The Last Ball” collection reading Aditi’s interview.

How was your passion for the fashion and textile world born?

I grew up in India, where I was surrounded by the endless possibilities of craftsmanship. What excited me was the idea of putting these traditional techniques in the context of contemporary fashion. I have always been drawn to the idea of how has the power to reflect the times we live in.


Tell us a little about this project: what does it represent, how did the idea come about, the inspiration, the mood?

This project is in reaction to a sense of urgency and emergency I have been feeling in response to climate and cultural degradation. It looks at symbols of decadence that transcend into the ordinary and the everyday. The project zooms in on the process of indigenous crafts in an attempt to look at contemporary design solutions by collaborating with Indian artisans.

The project provides an optimistic narrative about where we are headed, exploring new ways of framing a crisis. It flirts with the idea of us as a generation, celebrating through a living emergency when the alarm finally goes off.


What are the main features you are looking for in a fabric?

I was looking for all-natural fabrics which felt light and airy, and that could be easily dyed in my Kitchen! I wanted the collection to feel very celebratory and decided to hand dye the fabrics in shades of chartreuse, raspberry and blue


Why did you choose Albini 1876 fabrics for the realization of this project?

The quality and durability of the cotton fabrics offered by Albini 1876 is unparalleled. Since I was certain that I wanted may collection to be all cotton based, the Albini Group’s traceable cotton really caught my eye. It’s ability to use technology to assure traceability and accountability really fascinated me.


What are the characteristics of Albini 1876 fabrics that amazed you the most?

I was intrigued by how versatile the fabrics were. Owing to the fact that they were 100% cotton, and of very high quality, I was able to dye them, hand wrinkle them and ultimately achieve what I wanted to with the collection. For that, I am deeply grateful for the Albini Group’s contribution in helping me fulfil my vision.