August 4, 2023

Albini Group becomes Official Supporter of Slow Fiber

Albini Group becomes Official Supporter of Slow Food Italy, contributing to the creation of the new Slow Fiber network. Born from the Slow Food association, which has been committed for years to promoting good, clean, and fair food for everyone, Slow Fiber proposes the same approach and values in the clothing sector.

Slow Fiber and its supporters aim to spread awareness of the impact that textile products have on the environment, the workers in the supply chain, and the health of consumers, to promote a new ethical and cultural approach to clothing.

The strength of Slow Fiber lies in the network of Italian textile companies that demonstrate, through their operations, that it is possible to create clothing textiles that are not only beautiful but also healthy for those who use them, clean because the environmental impact of production processes is reduced, fair because they respect the rights and dignity of the workers involved in their creation, and durable over time, opposing the concept of fast-use and fast-fashion.

In addition to Albini Group, other Italian textile companies that adhere to these requirements are: Oscalito, Opificio, Quagliotti, Remmert, Pettinatura Di Verrone, Tintoria2000, Angelo Vasino, Olcese Ferrari, Tintoria Felli, Manifattura Tessile Di Nole, Holding Moda, Lane Cardate, Italfil, Pattern, Maglificio Maggia, and Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Read the Slow Fiber Manifesto