BIOFUSION® is the scientifically traceable organic cotton exclusively grown by the Albini Group.

BIOFUSION® is a unique and exclusive project which combines the know-how of Albini Group with the passion of cotton growers and is based on quality, traceability and the guarantee of an ethical and sustainable production.

Organic cotton is grown with organic production systems and with products that have a low impact on the environment. To be defined as “organic”, a cotton must come from organic plantations that meet the following requirements:

1. The cultivated land has produced exclusively organic products for the previous three years;
2. The seed is GMO-free;
3. Chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides are not used;
4. The defoliation is natural.

The cultivation methods of BIOFUSION® cotton strictly follow all these requirements.

BIOFUSION® is scientifically traceable organic cotton, thanks to an innovative method developed by Oritain™, the world leader in forensic science, as a guarantee of the origin, quality and the ethical and sustainable production.

Albini Group directly manages and controls these cotton farms with the aim of ensuring full compliance with the law, high quality standards and the traceability of the production chain.